28 Useful Facebook Groups for Bloggers (Updated)

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If content is king and engagement is queen, then Facebook groups are the private parties with exclusive handshakes and the ‘jobs for the boys’ opportunities. Access to these groups have accelerated the success of our brands and guess what? You don’t have to be on the guest list to join.

Each of these Facebook groups for bloggers differ in the type of support and possibilities they offer, from social shares threads to financial opportunities, technical help, and topic advice.

Every niche will have hundreds of groups, some will be more active than others. Let’s take a look at joining Facebook groups, how to behave and what each offers.

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Thanks to our MTH community for nominating the groups they find most useful!

How to Join Facebook Groups

Each Facebook group has its own rules. Always read them before posting to avoid being kicked out.

Facebook now has a nifty function for admins so when you as to a join a group a pop-up request information set by the group.

In the olden days, groups asked bloggers to display their websites in their private profiles, if you can I would recommend still doing this.

Etiquette in Facebook Groups For Bloggers

Unless stated (see the list below), the majority of these groups do not like ‘link dumps’.

This means you should avoid posting your content unless it is asked for. The majority of admins are voluntary, most run their own online companies and host groups to be helpful.

Avoid backchat and be nice to others, you never know who you’ll be working with or for in the future!

Warning: two very useful groups have just stopped taking in new members because the admin was tired of members not reading the rules.

Remember, admins are business owners who volunteer their time to control Facebook groups. Be nice, respect the rules.

Multi-Niche Facebook Groups

Make Traffic Happen

Laura and I run a group for content creators who are looking to increase traffic to their websites, improve their authority and of course, make money!

Often cited as one of the most supportive groups on Facebook, we work hard to create a welcoming community of like-minded bloggers.

Questions range from SEO to social media, tech to traffic revenue.

Make Traffic Happen – Support | SEO | Social Media


Must be part of the Mediavine advert group to access up to date information about industry changes and general support.

Mediavine Publishers

Facebook Group Admins, Growth, Engagement and Monetization

Tips of how to grow a community out of your own Facebook group so you can nurture relationships and sell products and services to members (funnels).

Run by Meg Jerrard and Mar Pages who collectively run 15 Facebook groups between them.

Facebook Group Admins: Growth, Engagement and Monetization

Female Content Creators

Female, female-identifying and non-binary content creators, all niches welcome.

Content refers to a blog, YouTube channel, vlog, videos, photos, all of the above.

Aims to help grow your own businesses and the industry, ethically and responsibly.

Ran by our friend, Jess.


Digital Nomad Wannabe

DNW for bloggers and niche site owners is run by Sharon Gourlay and is a space for digital nomads and bloggers to discuss ways to make money online for example affiliate marketing which you can read more about in our guide to affiliate marketing.

Affiliates are when you recommend a product or service and receive a small amount of commission on that click-through or purchase.

Lots of bloggers I respect are in this group.

Also a group to join to find collaboration post opportunities.


WordPress Speed Up

Another group which discusses speed advice for WordPress sites.

WordPress Speed Up

Travel Bloggers Facebook Groups

Travel Writers of the Binder

Freelance gigs and opportunities.

Travel Writers of the Binder

Wandering Women Travel Bloggers

A mix of support and social media shares.

→ Wandering Women Travel Bloggers

The Aspiring Travel Writer

Dream of a travel writing career?

Want to travel more and write about it?

This is a group to ask questions, share ideas and support each other in the travel blogging world.

There are also sharing threads for social media in this group.

Join the group here

Under 1000 Club – Aspiring Travel Bloggers

This Under 1000 Club is all about helping travel bloggers grow their blogs, increase their readers and achieve their goals.

You will get the opportunity to network with some fantastic bloggers, as well as share knowledge and learn new skills.

→ Join the Under 1000 Club

Pinterest for Travel Bloggers

This is a daily share group. Each day there is a light thread and heavy (50 pins).

The heavy thread is usually maxed out by 1pm GMT so get in early.

Home to mega Monday – this no limit thread will give you carpal tunnel

→ Pinterest for Travel Bloggers (closed to new members)

Ultimate Pinterest Group for Travel Bloggers

Mappin Monday (Travel/Pinterest)

A week-long thread, no limit to the number of pins, expect close to 200.

I participated once and but it gave me anxiety!

For those with the fear, check out their light thread.

Mapping Monday

Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

This group hosts daily and weekly Pinterest share threads for travel bloggers.

→ Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

Guest Post Request Group (Travel)

This is when you write an article on another blogger’s site to help fill a gap in their knowledge which in return you receive advertisement and do follow backlinks to your articles.

→ Guest Posts

Travel Bloggers Link Swap

This group is for travel bloggers to help each other’s blogs grow by connecting with other bloggers to find link placement opportunities.

Travel Bloggers Link Swap Group

Press Trips

Member share contacts and advertise opportunities.

Press Trip Group

Food Blogger Facebook Groups

Food + Lifestyle Bloggers on Pinterest

Pinterest and blog post support are the two main offerings of this group ran by active MTH FB group member, Julie.

Food + Lifestyle Bloggers on Pinterest

Food Bloggers Central (FBC) Social Sharing

This Facebook group is for food bloggers who want to collaborate with other bloggers on social media and collaboration (round up) food posts.

Membership in the standard FBC Facebook Group is required.

The group has “always open” social sharing threads and you can request collaboration posts.

Join FBC Social Sharing

Foodie Bloggers on Pinterest

MTH member, Faith, has started a group focusing on food pins.

Join Foodie Bloggers on Pinterest

Food Blogger Entrepreneurs

The purpose of this group is to bring together food blogger entrepreneurs that are committed to learning how to run, build and optimize profitable food blogs & freelance food media services.

They focus on cultivating an abundance mindset, business topics, and the technical aspects of food blogging workflows and production. 

→ Join the Food Blogger Entrepreneurs

FBC Social Sharing

→ For Food Bloggers: FBC Social Sharing

Food Bloggers Link Building

Building backlinks is an important part of SEO.

This group is to help aid in natural linkbacks to your site.

This group is not for round-pp posts but for posts where you want to link back to a few similar or attractive recipes within your posts.

→ Join the Food Bloggers Link Building group

Pet Bloggers

BlogPaws Community

“An inclusive global community of pet enthusiasts looking to network with and support other active members of the pet industry including bloggers, influencers, small business owners, and pet industry professionals. In this group you are encouraged to ask, learn, discuss, and share topics that pertain to running a small business in the pet or animal space.”

→ BlogPaws Community: Link

 Pet Blogging for Love and Money 

Focuses on monetising pet blogs.

→Pet Blogging for Love and Money: Link

YouTube/Video Groups

There are heaps of groups to support video creation and provide YouTube advice, here are a few:

→ Travel Videographers: Link

→ Travel Video Youtube Group: Link

Destination Bloggers

Do a quick search in Facebook to find groups associated with the location you are based in.

Key terms include ‘bloggers’ ‘digital nomads’ ‘content creators’.

London Bloggers

For bloggers based in the capital on England.

LDN Bloggers

UK Bloggers

All niches welcome.

UK Bloggers Official

UK Influencer Opportunities

Space for bloggers to reply to brands and PRs offering work opportunities. Often low paid.

UK Influencer Opportunities

Other Groups To Consider

Facebook is a great place to help build your own skills and get yourself out of tech issues.

Some website themes and hosts have their own Facebook groups.

For example, my host, Cloudways and my website theme, Flatsome.

You can also use Facebook groups for market research.

Join groups most suited to your niche and observe what questions are being asked frequently.

Can you create content that answers these questions?

Even better if you can find keywords before your write so you can enjoy to traffic referrals, Facebook and Google!

Sometimes these group let you share your own content! Check the rules first and don’t overdo it to avoid looking spammy.

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36 thoughts on “28 Useful Facebook Groups for Bloggers (Updated)

  1. EdinBraw says:

    A few month ago I didn’t know groups existed, now I’m in (or hopefully am about to be in) roughly 20. I’m going to need an assistant soon. Thanks for the great listing

  2. Christine says:

    I own a blog for travelers to Vermont (launched in 2008). It is not my priority anymore, so I am trying to see if someone could be interested in taking over. Google loves websites which have several years behind their belt. Reply if you’re interested or if you know where I could post that offer. Thanks!

  3. Jyoti says:

    Hello! Thanks so much for this. I have a question – is it best to join these groups using my personal Facebook (I have quite a big network on that already and it’s where I post my blog article links) or should I create a new Facebook profile for my blog? I hesitate to do that because I’d be starting from ground zero for my followers on that … thanks again!

    • Gemma says:

      Great questions! Groups will only let you in using your personal account and you should have your website clearly indicated on your profile. Hope this helps! Don’t forget to check our Facebook group on Fridays for weekly traffic tips!

  4. Olivia says:

    Hi there!
    Wow this is such a helpful page! I have now basically requested to join all of the groups in your list for Facebook! I don’t have a Pinterest or twitter account – is this very necessary as a blogger? Thank you so much for all the advice, it’s been so great!

    • Gemma says:

      Cheers Olivia! Pinterest is my second biggest referrer for traffic. It’s not a social media channel like Facebook, more of a search engine. Personally I would recommend it unless you are happy just to focus on traffic from Google. Twitter is great for chatting with businesses but you could get away without it for a blog audience. Hope this helps!

  5. Michele says:

    Such a great idea to track them in a spreadsheet! I’m afraid I’ve already joined too many to remember why I joined each of them and what they are primarily for. Will definitely need to sit down and organize that out. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Priya Sharma says:

    Hey, Fantastic list of Facebook groups for travel bloggers. I am glad to say that I am following one of them from the above list that is Wandering Women Travel Bloggers. I will surely follow other blogs for fun.

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