14 Tasks to Smash 25K Page Views (so you can do it quicker than me)

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I was late to the game. I mean you’d think the groom had been jilted late, not late lookin’ great delayed. I could not get my head around how fellow bloggers were climbing the page views ladder faster than me yet I was a slave to the keys, punting out posts 2-3 times per week. While they were starting to increase page views and accrue media card worthy stats, I was feeling exhausted, and jealous.

In my past life, I was a high school teacher. It’s built in me to want to help and that is what I am here to do today so you can hit the 25K page views mark, fast, and get website traffic rolling in. Oh, and like every teacher, I’ve built in tasks to increase page views for you to follow throughout (there’s 14 in total).

In this article you will learn:

A. How to increase traffic by improving your content
B. Techniques to tell others you exist + are killin’ it

A. How to increase page views

Go hard or go home

Look at your last article and assess it against this success criteria:

  • Is your headline attractive, clickable, and honest?
  • What was the word count?
  • Does it look neat?
  • Are the images high-quality (be honest, compare to your competitors).
  • Are they the correct size for your page (if not you will be slowing your site down).
  • Do you tell the reader about other posts related to the topic?
  • Did you get back backlinks (read more about them here).

Here’s the deal, it’s ok to make these mistakes because now I am going to show you how to rectify them.

Write head-turning headlines

⇒ Task 1 – Go to Google and type

  • ‘Monster milkshake’
  • ‘Spa breaks for dogs’
  • ‘Pinterest for bloggers’

Study the headlines for each of Google’s page 1 recommendation. Which ones draw your attention first? Can I guess?

  • Lists
  • Guides
  • ‘How to’ promises

No, you are not that predictable, we are all taken in by these things and rightly so; we are limited for time and want results. Google likes these types of articles too. They often fulfil user intent (answer the questions that the user is asking Google).

⇒ Task 2 – Create a document and keep a note of headlines that appeal to you (regardless of your and their niche). When you are having a spell of writer’s block you can refer to it for assistance.

⇒ Task 3 – Read our full guide to creating awesome headlines creating awesome headlines.

Blue background, desktop

Longer, better, fuller, stronger

This is what Daft Punk would have called their Grammy award-winning track if they were referring to writing articles.

Longer articles which have a strong structure perform better in search engine ranking as they have the potential to answer more questions about a specific topic.

You should break these longer posts up with subtitles too (use the ‘h settings’, choosing h2 or h3 for subheadings).

A picture is worth a thousand words

⇒ Task 4 – Pull up one of your articles on Google Chrome. Click the right-hand button on the mouse and choose ‘inspect’. Once using inspect, choose the little arrow on the top left-hand corner of the inspect table. Now hover over one of the image positions on your theme – what size is highlighted? Are you editing your images to this size? If not you may be slowing down the speed of your site which may cause the reader to leave if it takes a while to load.

⇒ Task 5 – I also suggest using a plugin in such as Ewww Image Optimizer or Smush It (along with correctly sized pictures).

⇒ Task 6 – Images not quite up to scratch in comparison to your competitors? Use YouTube to learn how to improve your photography (I use YT for everything) or ditch the lens and try out Creative Commons images but remember to check the rules for each image, some may need credit.

Hey, look!

There’s more. If you have other articles related to the content you are publishing you want to tell the reader to check them out. This keeps them on the site for longer with more chance of them falling in love with your work.

⇒ Task 7 – Internal linking is when you highlight a set of words (the anchor text) and add a link using the hyperlink button. It’s OK to link to more than one article too!

⇒ Task 8 – It’s also recommended that you externally link to websites you trust (such as my Creative Commons example above) such as Lonely Planet, quality news channels, sites who are the gurus in your niche.

⇒ Task 9 – There are a number of plugins which let you set ‘more like this’ related posts at the bottom of your page so if you are writing about ‘ceramic mugs’ you can advertise your post on ‘tea from around the world’ for example. I use the Related Posts by Svorn plugin.

»»» Guess what? By attempting the above tasks you have begun your SEO journey! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is what increases your chances of ranking on Google. Remember searching for the freakshakes (what a great name!) on Google?

Well, the articles that were presented to you by Google were the ones with the best possible answer to your query (the words you typed into the search bar), according to the Google Gods.

You can be in that top 10 in the future too and although it sounds very tech it all begins with a few tweaks to the way you plan, keyword research (the questions/queries potential readers are typing into Google; I use KeySearch as it’s easy to use and economical), write (on-page strategy), and advertise your posts.

Want to know more?

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Book 1: The Complete SEO Strategy eBook {The Theory}

This course is packed full of all the knowledge, facts, figures, and theories about SEO, made easy. When you finish the course, you’ll understand why a stellar SEO strategy is required to rank at the top of Google and exactly how to do it.

Book 2: The Workbook

The workbook walks you step by step through each stage of the optimization process from on-page to off-page, and sets bite-sized tasks for you to tap into when you are ready.

»»» Click here for more information (only $119 + VAT)

B. Check me out – techniques to tell others you exist

So now we both know that you are writing kick-ass content (it is the king, after all, serve it well), you just need to tell others where to find it too. This the start of your off-page strategy, I bet you recognise a few of these techniques?

How to get more views through social media

Social media is SoMe and it’s so you too. Unfortunately, each social media channel dictates its own type of strategy which is a total time suck that you are going to have to deal with are even more annoying, each channel rewards you highly the more you use it, organically.

First thing is first – are you an actual user or just a blogger abuser of each social media channel? In order to understand the social media behaviour of your potential readers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you have to try them out as a buyer too.

⇒ Task 10 – Spend time on each channel and explore what they have to offer.

I would argue that Pinterest is not quite a social media channel, it’s a search engine but I will cover how to pin and most importantly why you should in this section too.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest offer direct traffic to your site which is great for getting more eyes on articles and increasing your page views. Instagram helps build your brand (and once you have over 10K followers, the chance to add web links to its Stories function).

Facebook: build your community

Personally, I love Facebook, I feel like I have quite a close-knit community of followers on our page. Posts that involve both Craig and I are the most popular and we enjoyed our first viral video this summer too. Facebook is a slow game though.

I find posting regularly works.

Sharing your own content and others (find viral videos and share them, share other people’s content from your niche) will benefit you and keeping to a schedule will save your sanity.

Don’t be afraid to use their scheduling tool and ask questions in your callouts.

Twitter for networking – tasks to increase page views

Twitter is great for meeting fellow content creators in your niche. Have you heard of Twitter chats? These are organised discussions on Twitter, the host shares set questions and followers answer them. The chat is held together by one hashtag.

⇒ Task 11 – Work through our guide to building your brand on Twitter for more details (this is an internal link by the way).

Twitter for bloggers, Twitter bird in speech bubble

Instagram, not just a pretty picture

Instagram is a hard nut to crack. Post outstanding images, research hashtags and engage.

⇒ Task 12 – Scroll to section 7 of this post on how to get more followers.


Pinterest is my friend. Do you use it? I use it for everything from nail art to Halloween costume ideas, home decor to city break tips. It’s so user-friendly and an absolute gem for driving traffic to your site. To put simply, create exceptional looking pins using Canva (free resource with a pin template), add to your own pin boards and article (linking the two) then take part in Pinterest shares.

⇒ Task 13  – Here is everything you need to know about Pinterest in detail.

Facebook Groups

Get on the guest list! There are Facebook groups for every niche covering every need. From tips to technical advice to social media share threads, Facebook will change your life and catapult you to success.

I especially recommend participating in social media share threads (such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flipboard) that have links to your articles to help make the 25K page views mark (and beyond).

I remember doing my first guest post and being amazed at how many other accounts were Tweeting my post on the other blogger’s account, the answer?

SoMe shares.

Warning, it’s not free from effort, you have to reciprocate but this is great for networking too.

⇒ Task 14 – 29+ Facebook groups for travel bloggers – have a read and see if they work for you.

Ultimate task  – Content creators always leave optimising their site along with measuring their success through Google Analytics until last and they should not! A solid SEO strategy will see your page views rocket faster than any of the tips shared here today. I know it sounds technical, and it can be, but we have broken it down for you in our SEO the Easy Way ebook ($75 for both the guidebook and the workbook).

I have been following this SEO strategy since last year and I am no longer sitting at 25K page views, I have managed to triple my page views in under 1 year and if I can do it, so can you. Why settle for 25K when you can hit 50K with SEO?

What you have learned in this guide

A. How to improve your content to get more views
B. How to use and abuse social media to increase blog traffic

I handled that like a boss – I want more!

Great, I love your attitude. The next steps to smash through to the 50K page views ceiling are:

  • Find targeted keywords and where to put them…
  • … 8 step on-page SEO strategy (you’re on the path already)
  • More off-page secrets
  • Breathe new life into old articles using Google Analytics

Make Traffic Happen

Let us show you how to find keywords, where to put them, how to tell Google they are there and make your old posts bring more traffic.

I like to spread the wealth of information. This isn’t a hard sell. If you don’t want to increase your page views with a fantastic SEO strategy, then this book isn’t for you.

These are genuine techniques that I used to break away from erratic and then stagnant lines of Google Analytics’ page views graph. The only way is up and, by following these tips, I hope that you soar sooner that I did.

When you are ready to kick it up another notch do consider our guide and workbook which don’t just tell you how to get there (those teachers were boring), it shows you how to.

SEO the easy way bundle


Did you find this useful? Drop us a comment below.

4 thoughts on “14 Tasks to Smash 25K Page Views (so you can do it quicker than me)

  1. Orla Smith says:

    I finally feel like I can start to understand and implement proper SEO techniques. Those three letters made me shudder for so long and I kept putting it off like you described! Thanks so much for this resource, both of you. It all seems less daunting now. Started the blog last August and would love to feel like we have it nailed on its one-year anniversary!

    • Gemma says:

      Aw that’s magic to hear Orla. It does sound very typical but in the end it’s just a strategy! Keep us in the loop with your success.

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