Should I Start a Second Website?

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Recent developments in the way we work, travel, communicate and live have brought about drastic changes to our businesses. 

For some, a steady increase or welcomed spike, for others a detrimental hit on traffic and income. 

This has highlighted the question, is now the right time to start a new website?

What you will learn
  • Pros of starting a new website
  • Cons of starting a new website
  • Key factors of time, skills and monetisation

Let’s explore the pros and cons. 


  • Some niches are still profitable. While most travel, destination niche and many lifestyle sites are down, others like homeschooling, fitness, DIY/craft and food are going strong.
  • Diversifying your income does not just mean having ads and different affiliates on one website. Having a second or third site allows you to expand your options for income.
  • Motivation! There’s nothing motivating about seeing your traffic fall off a cliff. A second site might spark that excitement you once had for blogging.
  • If your main site is already successful [SEO, Pinterest, social media communities, newsletter audience], you have a promising skill set for starting a second site.
  • There’s that elusive extra time that memes keep banging on about! Do you have it? If so, maybe now is the right time to start a new project.
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  • Patience. It can take anywhere from months to years to get a new site off the ground. It’s not immediate. It can take even longer to build an income.
  • The new niche you choose might not be profitable right now. Recession may be looming…
  • While some second sites can apply for ad revenue from 10K sessions, earnings will be low at the start. Mediavine has just announced that 2nd quarter RPMs are expected to be lower than usual.
  • Nurturing multiple sites is a difficult juggling act. Can you afford to pay people to help?
  • You shouldn’t leap into a second site. You must keyword research, plan a site structure including categories and tags and map out cornerstone content, plus think about other funnels [newsletters, Facebook groups, podcast/video] as well as starting new social media communities.
  • Pinterest strategies differ for every niche. Do you have time and patience to learn and grow another Pinterest account?
  • What happens if/when your first site bounces back? Will you have the time and ability to maintain both?
  • Starting a site is not free. Hosting, domain purchase, themes and scheduling tools cost.
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A little dusty on the setting up of hosts and domains? Here’s our walkthrough guide + instructions on how to set up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Final Words

Are you starting a new site? Join the discussion here or tell us your views below. Bookmark this page by pinning the image to your blogging Pinterest board.

Should I start a second website

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    • Laura says:

      That is a very valid concern. It may not be possible to keep up on work necessary to maintain two successful sites.

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