Each month, 3 million people use Pinterest to search for ideas to help them solve problems in their life.

From easy recipes to nail art, DIY projects to body workouts, homeschooling tips to travel itineraries, pinners use this visual search engine to make changes to their daily routines and to support their plans.

So what does this mean for bloggers?

If you create beautiful and engaging pins about pin-popular topics, users will click through the pins and that traffic lands on your website.

Traffic = ad income, affiliate sales and brand awareness.

However, we know that bloggers often want to support when it comes to design, that’s why we’ve teamed up with MTH member, Nina, to offer readers 10% off her multi-niche pin design templates. Just quote MTH10 at checkout.

We also know that many of you are aware of our Pinterest strategy but you may lack the skills to improve pin clicks and/or the time to work it out.

We appreciate that and, with the help of our MTH Facebook community, we’ve created a solution for you.


Christine Wheeler
Pinnovation Media

While the principles of Pinterest stay the same across the board, the strategies implemented to meet each client’s individual needs do not.

Christine and her team craft custom packages to meet the needs and goals of their clients.

Kamelia Britton,

I hired Christine to take over my Pinterest account because I had way too much on my plate already.

As a full-time blogger/influencer/coach, I already have way too many roles to manage. In 3 short months, Christine was able to increase my blog traffic by 293%!!!

Needless to say, I was ecstatic with this number and have even acquired more coaching clients as a result of this boost! I highly recommend working with Christine and her team.

» Management packages typically start around $300-$350 for a 3-month commitment (discounts are available for longer commitments). 

» Pin creation starts at $120. 

» Strategy sessions are $197 for one session + audit and the price decreases as more sessions are purchased in a package. 

» Minimum 3 month commitment.

» Tell Christine MTH sent you! 


Allison Lancaster
Pinterest/VA Services

Allison is a business strategist & virtual assistant all-in-one. There is no need to find multiple people to outsource to. She can handle it all…and strategically help you grow your business!

Whether you need a one-time coaching session, social media management, general virtual assistant services or something else, Allison and her team can help you with it ALL!

Laura, Make Traffic Happen

When I started a new site, I was overwhelmed with the tasks of driving Pinterest traffic to my site. I hired Allison to take over the pin management and I left it entirely in her hands.
Within the first 2 weeks of hiring Allison, Pinterest traffic started going up and it went from 260 sessions/mo to 20,000 sessions/mo in 9 months. That’s a 6300% increase in Pinterest traffic! Worth it!

» Pinterest management starting at $200, pin graphics packages start at $115/monthly

» Includes Pinterest and Tailwind management, SEO keywords, graphic design.

» Minimum 3 month commitment. 

» Please tell Alison MTH referred you! 


Julie Laundis
Pinterest Consulting

Julie is a seasoned Pinterest strategist specialized in the travel niche. For over 6 years, Julie has managed multiple Pinterest accounts for publications full time.

Julie now works 1-on-1 with travel bloggers through her coaching program to teach her clients everything they need to implement her tried-and-true Pinterest strategy and increase their blog traffic.

Pauline Vergnet, Beeloved City

Julie has been fantastic with me and her coaching program is very well thought.

Not only is she very good at explaining everything but she follows up and makes sure great results are achieved.

She really took into consideration my personal wishes and limitations to make sure to come up with a strategy that suited my blog the best. She always answered my questions very thoroughly and has been so helpful on so many levels.

The teaching part was always focused on what I could achieve and she would make sure to pick examples that fitted my niche.

The coaching program includes five calls which focus on analysis, keyword research, pin creation, content calendar planning, pin promotion and monetisation. 

 Pinterest coaching, approx 4 months – $550. 

» Tell Julie MTH sent you!