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We have one goal: to help bloggers succeed as online entrepreneurs.

We teach SEO workshops and give motivational presentations at conferences and events with that goal in mind

Make Traffic Happen launched in 2017 with the release of our SEO Guides that received many accolades from fellow bloggers. At that time, we knew there was a great demand among bloggers for SEO training that could break down a complicated topic into an easy-to-understand and implement strategy.

It was that demand that led us to our first speaking engagement at the world’s biggest travel blogging conference, TBEX, held in 2017 in Ireland. We presented a session on how to drive organic traffic to your website to the largest audience at the conference.

When asked if we should speak at the next TBEX, the conference director, Shane Dallas’s reaction was, “… given the success of your session and the reaction… I’m still hearing about it (four months later)!”

So in 2018, we were asked back to TBEX in Ostrava, Czech Republic, to present on how to monetize your website or brand using SEO, which again attracted the largest audience of the conference.

At that time, we also launched our first SEO Bootcamp, with 14 attendees learning SEO practices and techniques over 5 hours of dedicated study.

See what conference attendees have said

Make Traffic Happen SEO Bootcamp TBEX Tweets
Make Traffic Happen SEO Bootcamp TBEX Tweets

Best SEO talk I’ve heard bar none. Was worth coming to TBEX for this alone.

Christina / Dear Passerby

Your talk has been the most informative and useful of the whole TBEX this year.

John / Two for the World

You guys killed it. I can’t wait to start implementing what you taught us.

Nathan / Foodie Flashpacker

I loved your TBEX session! Thank you so much for the effort you put into making it so relevant and helpful.

Ron / Red Pill Rebellion

Thank you both for your helpful tips at TBEX Ireland. I’m using the techniques you gave and it’s working like a charm!

Daniel / Young and Foodish

Fantastic talk today! Grateful for you both! Learned so much…now going to start the ebooks!

Pam / Always 5 Star

Gemma Armit and Laura Lynch’s presentation woke me up to the things that I need to be doing on my website to help it succeed. I have seen many presentations on SEO and it never clicked until they explained it. Their presentation on SEO at TBEX Ireland was the most helpful that I saw at the conference and any conference all year. In fact, I started using their strategy the moment I got on the airplane to head home and have been using every day since.

April Castoro Erhard, blogging for 10 years/DA 49/100K monthly page views

See what workshop attendees have said

I can’t say enough good things about these two ladies! [They] helped my page views increase nearly tenfold over the last 6 mos with their ebook so when I saw they were doing a workshop it was a no-brainer.

Jennifer Ruiz / Jen on a Jet Plane

Laura Lynch and Gemma Armit, words cannot express how much I learned from you ladies. I am determined to learn SEO and I am working on my strategy as I sit on my flight going back to the states.

Tomiko Harvey / Passports and Grub

First of all, thank you both for a great workshop in Ostrava. You helped me greatly with something I’ve been struggling with for a long time (and I was glad to see I’m not the only one!)

Jim Ferri / NeverStopTraveling

why make traffic happen is uniquely qualified

When you work with Make Traffic Happen, it is guaranteed that….

» Presentations will be pitched at the right level
» Where applicable, multi-media will be utilised
» Powerpoints will be attractive, clear and engaging
» Information will include facts, statistics, trends, and tables
» Personal stories, real life case studies are included
» Presentations are rehearsed and polished

Working with Gemma & Laura not only guarantees you solid content for your workshop or conference, and a happy audience, it also brings with it increased ticket sales. Gemma and Laura run the popular Facebook group, Make Traffic Happen, with over 8.5K members who actively engage in discussion about their blogs and business, and share wins, challenges and goals.

Make Traffic Happen is a safe space for bloggers from all niches to develop their business skills. Members often say they like the group so much because it is a positive place to learn. No spammers, no negativity.

When Gemma was younger she wanted to be a Broadway dancer. When that didn’t work out she fell back on the next best thing – high school teaching. She qualified with distinction in Modern Studies (politics and current affairs) and amused classrooms for just under ten years.

Subject uptake was always at its highest when Gemma taught the younger years. Her lessons were engaging, inclusive and met a variety of learning needs. Make Traffic Happen’s presentations are no different.

Gemma presented at the Welcome to Fife Tourism Conference on how, and why you should work with bloggers. Feedback showed that the businesses were eager to begin working with bloggers! She also presented at the Feast of Fife Foodie press trip at Lindores Abbey in Scotland and Edinburgh Blogger Conference.

Traveling and writing have always been at the top of the priority list for Laura. She earned a degree in Journalism and a minor in the German language as a way to marry the two together.

She then spend the next 15 years teaching colleagues at U.S. embassies around the world how to build and maintain websites.

Laura has spoken in front of many large audiences, occasionally including high-ranking U.S. officials and colleagues within the U.S. government. She has also trained others to be trainers and was given a commendation of Expert Train the Trainer for her efforts.

It was a natural progression for her to build her own websites and start sharing her knowledge with other bloggers. Now she shares her entrepreneurial drive with Make Traffic Happen.


If you’re looking for dynamic speakers for your conference or event, we are keen to discuss how we can work together, regardless of audience size, niche or location.

Get in touch with us, today!