To rank well in search engines, you need a solid strategy and good technique. If you’re not sure you’re doing it right, don’t waste time. Get help.


Why you need help with seo

Without good SEO, you could be missing out on a lot of potential traffic. You might not even realize that your site isn’t optimized.

A one-on-one SEO consultation or SEO audit is the fastest, most efficient way to determine if your site is SEO optimized and your site is ranking as highly as it deserves.

We will analyse your blog or small business website and identify any areas you may need to improve to start getting more traffic.

What exactly will you get?


The process begins with a questionnaire, which we ask you to complete. This will give us the information we need to tailor our services to your specific situation and create a strategy to help you maximize your visibility online.

Our SEO services include:

SEO Consultation & Audits

If you don’t know what needs to be fixed, it’s impossible to move forward. Our affordable SEO services can help!

EXTRAS: Add the SEO Power Bundle to any order for just $48 (regularly $60). Add an SEO Audit to a Consultation for $80.

SEO consultation
Consult with a professional SEO specialist one-on-one in an online call to discuss your situation and get personal assistance with your website.
✓ Ask any questions you have about SEO and traffic.
✓ We identify areas for website improvement, including layout, design and navigation.
✓ Walk through how to implement a solid SEO strategy on your website.
✓ Includes a report of our recommendations.
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You will receive a full audit report of your site's SEO strengths and weaknesses (all of the following) plus an assessment of the areas that need improvement.
✓ Audit overview report
✓ Broken Link Report
✓ Home & Topic Pages Report
✓ On-page SEO issues (site index, pages that are heavy, missing alt tags, etc)
✓ Technical SEO issues (mobile-friendly, speed)
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SEO Writing & Optimization

Don’t have time to write or optimize your content for SEO? We’ve partnered with Travel Tractions Marketing, a company we know and trust, to provide SEO writing (travel only) & optimization services.

We know that your site is precious to you. Don’t place your content in the hands of just anyone. Let Travel Tractions create outstanding, rankable content for you.

SEO Travel Writing
This service is offered through Travel Tractions.
✓ Get perfect SEO content written by a travel content agency that converts users and gets to the top of search engine results.
$59 (1000 words)
$99 (2000 words)
$139 (3000 words)
✓ All content includes images, keyword research, and revisions.
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They are extremely thorough and professional, offering only the best output to ensure your content will rank well.
✓ We use keyword research plus our proven 8-step SEO strategy to optimize content, with minimal alteration to your writing.
5 articles for $285 ( up to 7 business days)
10 articles for $575 (up to 15 business days)
20 articles for $960 (up to 30 business days)
Monthly updating plans available
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