Black Friday Cyber Monday Blogger Deals

Black Friday Cyber Deals for Bloggers Speech Bubble

It’s the weekend (or week in some cases) we’ve all been waiting for! We love a bargain as much as you do so we’ve rounded up the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for bloggers that we think you will benefit from. We use or have used every single recommendation in this post.


We know lots of you have been counting down the days until the big 40% Keyserach sale. It is now live – go gettum’ tigers.

  • Click this link.
  • Get 40% off yearly or monthly subscriptions.
  • When? Monday 19th to Monday 26th.
  • How long? One week.

What’s the point in buying it if you don’t know how to use it – read our newly updated guide here.

Make Traffic Happen Ebooks

Get 40% off either of our individual ebooks (SEO The Easy Way or Revive Old Content – $14 off) or buy the bundle for $36 instead of $60.

  • Where? Make Traffic Happen Guides.
  • How much? 40% off.
  • How? Quote blackfriday18 at checkout.
  • When? Friday 23rd Nov 12:01am EST until Saturday 24th 12:00am.
  • How long? 24 hours.
“I bought this guide … go buy it – BEST thing I ever bought I have to say. I have spent a lot of money to get better at this blogging game from people who claim to be experts, but yours is hands down the best”. Faith Coates / XYU and Beyond

Make Traffic Happen Technical Audit

Could it be your website holding you back? Get 40% off our technical audit report which includes a report, spreadsheet and explanations for you to action.

  • Where? Make Traffic Happen Services.
  • How much? 40% off.
  • How? Quote blackfriday18 when emailing
  • When? Friday 23rd Nov 12:01am EST until Saturday 24th 12:00am.
  • How long? 24 hours. (Purchasing now doesn’t require you to use it immediately. You can use the audit certificate any time you want.)


I know you are waiting with bated breath on this one! So, there is no official Black Friday deal with Tailwind but as always I didn’t let that stop me. We’ve teamed up with Tailwind you offer you $30 off when you upgrade, which is the equivalent of two months free Tailwind scheduling. However, there’s a catch. The signup system is not the easiest to explain so bear with me.

  1. Sign up for free Tailwind here (+ get familiar with the system)
  2. Email us at and we’ll send you the coupon link, worth $30 off.
  3. Use the link to upgrade for $30 off.

What happens if I have signed up for a free version of Tailwind already? That’s okay, you can still use the coupon code as long as you haven’t previously upgraded.


If you’re in the market for a new domain, Black Friday is a great time to do it through Namecheap. We use Namecheap for our own blogs and also for Make Traffic Happen. It’s wise to keep your domain separate from your host so there are no horror stories if/when you part ways.


I was with Siteground for a year and, like Bluehost, they are affordable, reliable, and have a chat function. We use Siteground for this website. There are many plans to choose from, all at a very low rate that suits most beginning bloggers to advanced bloggers.

  • Where? Siteground.
  • How much 75% off all web hosting.
  • How? Sign up here.
  • When? November 23rd 00:00 CST – 26th November.
  • How long? Three days.

A2 Hosting

Another great option for web hosting, A2 has a great track record and they offer quick and efficient customer support. Laura’s been using their Managed VPS service for a couple of years and hasn’t had any problems.

  • How much? 67% off Shared Hosting / 50% off Managed VPS.
  • How? Click this link for deals.
  • When? November 23 2018 from 12 AM EST.
  • How long? 48 hours.


We don’t believe all the bad press out there about Bluehost. Why? Because we both used Bluehost for the first 1.5 years of blogging. We only moved because our blogs grew and we needed a different solution. They offer cheap and reliable service and they have customer service chat that is helpful for solving any issues. I’m not sure what else you can expect for under $5 per month. Have a second site on the horizon? This could be worth investing in.

  • Where? Bluehost
  • How much? $2.65/month for the Basic Plan and $4.45/month for the Plus and Choice Plus Plans.
  • How? Sign up here.
  • When? November 23rd at 12:01 AM MST.
  • How long? 24 hours.

Theme Forest Premium Themes

Looking for a new theme? You can find a ton of them in the Envato Market Theme Forest and they are up to 50% off on Cyber Monday

  • Where? Envato Marketplace
  • How much? Up to 50% off
  • When? Now through end of day Monday, November 26

Easy Social Share Buttons

Both Laura and I use Easy Social Share Buttons plugin on our blogs to run the social media sharing buttons on our posts. It’s an easy to use plugin that is lightweight and compatible with most themes. For Cyber Monday, it’s discounted 50%.

  • Where? Envato Marketplace
  • How much? 50% off – now just $10
  • How? Click the link to go to the marketplace, search for Easy Social Share Buttons in the search bar.
  • When? Now through end of day Monday, November 26


What would happen if you lost all of your images? This was my fear after 18 months of travelling around the Americas and Europe so I signed up for iDrive cloud 2TB account which I use on the desktop and laptop. My process is take photos, save to external hard drive, upload to iDrive overnight. I leave images and videos on SD cards as a back up too. You can set iDrive to automatically upload to the cloud daily.

  • Where? iDrive.
  • How much? Up to 50%
  • How long? All year.


Facebook wants you to pay, Pinterest is banning people and we don’t even want to talk about August 1st. What’s the most secure way of getting your content in front of people who really like it? Your newsletter. At some point, you are going to have to think about a solid newsletter strategy because newsletters mean funnels.  Remember when you signed up for our newsletter and you received free lessons on SEO? We did that through Active Campaign. Our monthly #YEStoSEO emails? Active Campaign. Our ebook sales pitches? Active Campaign.

  • Where? ActiveCampaign
  • No deal this year unfortunately but a worthwhile investment none the less

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Final Words

No business can survive without products to help it grow. No blogger can survive without some support. You have to speculate to accumulate, believe us because we do.

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