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Hi. We’re Gemma and Laura. We’re not SEO gurus, we’re bloggers and niche site owners, just like you. But after spending many years hustling to bring traffic to our blogs, we decided to get out of the rat race and find a way to bring sustainable traffic to our sites, using proven SEO and social media techniques and strategies.

Stick with us and we’ll give you all the info you need to boost your SEO skills and start ranking higher for every post you write. Who doesn’t want more traffic, right?!

We are proud to be one of the very few companies that focuses on SEO for bloggers and niche site owners. Our aim is to empower fellow content creators from all niches to improve their visibility on Google and increase their income too. 

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SEO the Easy Way course

SEO the Easy Way Course

• 35 training videos
• 16 step-by-step worksheets and helpful checklists
• Free tracking spreadsheet
+ lots of multi-niche examples

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SEO the easy way

SEO the Easy Way

Imagine if you could consistently rank your blog posts on the 1st page of Google? In this guide, you’ll learn our proven SEO strategy so you can stop wasting time on bad SEO.

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Revive Old Content

You don’t have to publish new content to get more traffic. Learn advanced techniques guaranteed to turn stale content into traffic-earning gold.

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speed optimization guide and workbook

Speed Optimization
the Easy Way

• 126-page ebook, covering all the major speed-blocking issues• Step-by-step workbook with exact instructions for set up
• Free tracking spreadsheet

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